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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do we notify regarding changes to our IP Addresses?

Please send an email to with your new IP addresses and indicate if these will be in addition to your existing IP Addresses or a replacement.  WALDO will contact all the vendors for the subscriptions that you have through WALDO.


We have lost access to our subscription database.  How do we resolve the problem?

Please send an email to and WALDO will immediately contact the vendor for the database you are having access problems with.  It would be very helpful in the email message, to indicate what happens when you try to access, or what kind of message you receive when you try to access, such as "subscription expired,"  "IP Address not recognized,"
"Number of Users has been exceeded," etc.  If you are being prompted for a username and password, please include your IP Addresses in the email so that we can verify that we have the correct addresses set up in your profile.


We need to order WALDO stickers for on-site borrowing between libraries. Whom do we contact?

Please contact the current WALDO Secretary to order WALDO Stickers for patron ID cards for your library.  Contact information for the WALDO Secretary can be found on the organization page.


What are the guidelines for on-site borrowing between WALDO libraries?

All full-time faculty, staff, and administrators of WALDO charter member libraries have on-site borrowing privileges at other WALDO charter libraries in addition to access to material through established interlibrary loan channels.

In order to borrow materials, a patron must present a valid ID card with a current WALDO sticker, both issued by the home library.

Guidelines, e.g. loan period, number and type of items loaned, fines levied, etc., will be determined by the lending library.  All materials borrowed must be returned directly to the lending library.  It is important to note that all delinquencies are the responsibility of the borrower and, ultimately, the patron's home library.


How do we receive a username and password to login to the WALDO website?

Please send an email to requesting your username and password to login to the WALDO website.  Website access is available only for academic libraries.  Public Libraries, Special Libraries and Hospital Libraries should contact for pricing and inquiries. 


How do we retrieve usage reports & license agreements for our databases?

Libraries can retrieve their own usage reports for many databases.  Some need to be requested from WALDO or from the Vendor.  WALDO can you send you the information on how to access usage reports for each of the databases that you subscribe to through WALDO.  Please send an email to if you would like this information.  Additionally, many vendors post their license agreements on their websites.  WALDO can you send you all the URLs where you can find this information, or the person to contact.


Whom do we contact for problems with Koha Catalog?

Please contact Becky Bell, Academic Koha Project Manager at



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