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General Information

How to Subscribe

Setting Options



  General Information


The WALDO Listserv (WALDO) is an email list for the member libraries of the Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization. 

The authors of posts to WALDO retain the copyright to their posts, and you must ask the original author's permission if you wish to repost or republish a WALDO post in another venue.



  How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the WALDO Listserv, please go to:

Please Note:  This is a closed list and your subscription request is subject to approval.  You will be notified of the list moderator's decision by email.



  Setting Subscription Options

To set up your subscription options, please logon to:


Here you can maintain your subscription account and set up options which include the following:

  • to unsubscribe to the list

  • update your email address

  • have your password emailed to you, if you have forgotten it

  • change your password

  • disable mail temporarily (when going on vacation, for example)

  • set digest mode for your mail to receive posts bundled together instead of individually

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  Summary of Commands


  • To send a post to the list to be read by ALL subscribers, email it to:

  • To subscribe, unsubscribe, change your subscription options, or view the WALDO List Archives, please go to:

  • If you go on vacation, please visit the list website and turn your mail off for the duration of your absence.

  • *NEVER* send commands to the mailing list. If you have trouble with subscribing to the list, getting off the list, or changing your subscription settings to the desired parameters, please email the listowner privately for assistance. To contact the list owner, please direct your email to:

  • At some point, you may find your Internet Service Provider has changed your email address in some subtle (or not-so-subtle) way.  For example, your email address may currently be: but if your computer center or ISP installs a new email server, your address may change to: If this happens, the listserver will not recognize your new address and will most likely reject your commands and your attempts at posting to the list. If this occurs, please contact the listowner privately for assistance at:

  • If your address starts to bounce, your subscription will either be reset to NOMAIL or your address will be unsubscribed from the list entirely, depending on what the bounce messages say. If you stop receiving list mail, you may check your status by logging into the

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Listserv Guidelines

We ask your cooperation in complying with the following:

  • All posts should be related to WALDO library issues.

  • All posts should be composed in plain text, without any nonstandard email "stationery" or fonts or colors.

  • Please do not send attachments or encoded text to the list.  Most mailers have a menu option to turn attachments and encoding off. Please keep in mind that not every subscriber on the list has Word or Acrobat installed, but plain text can be read by everyone.

  • Because some list members pay for their access either on a per message basis or by volume, please keep your messages concise and keep quoting of old material to the minimum necessary.  In particular, watch out if your mailer automatically appends the entire text of the message you respond to at the end. If this is the case, be sure to edit the quoted material so that only the few lines relevant to your post are quoted from previous postings.

  • Do not repost material appearing on this list elsewhere without first asking permission of the original author of the material.  However, that does not mean your list correspondence can be considered private; you should treat anything you send to the list as something that was said publicly.

  • Please try to keep your subject headers appropriate to the topic discussed in your mail. Please change the subject headers if your reply drifts from the original topic.

  • Diverse opinions are welcome. However, we ask that you treat other list members with respect.



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